College football has so much to offer those who follow it. There are the obvious bragging rights reserved for top teams. It is also a place where many future NFL stars flourish and display their talents. Of course, there are also thousands of gorgeous and talented cheerleaders. Each team has its roster filled with dozens of the sexiest and hottest girls; college has to offer. Below are some of the best teams which have cheerleaders you will want to fantasize over.

TCU – The football program in this college is already considered tops in the league. So are the crowd-pleasing and energetic cheerleading group on their roster.

Texas A&M – Unlike other teams which have men, the Texas A&M cheerleaders consists of all-girls. These highly competitive and titillating females are likely to leave fans gasping for more.

USC – Whether you like blonds, brunettes or redheads, there is likely one waiting for you. The USC football cheerleaders move, shake and show their stuff. All the while, leaving fans salivating since they are all so sexy.

UCLA – Fans who gaze upon the UCLA cheerleading squad are often blown away. These girls have superior skills and sensuous bodies. The combination is enough to leave viewers wanting more cheering than anything else.

Clemson – These tigers dressed in bright orange command attention. And once you look at them moving, kicking and jumping, chances are you will give it to them.

Georgia Tech – GT has a squad of girls that are incredibly gorgeous. Each has long legs, perfect bodies, and superior athletic skills. Once they move about, the combo is enough to make a person smitten with love and admiration.

Oregon – Many consider the Oregon cheerleading team as one of the hottest and sexiest in College. These football hotties add another layer of enjoyment when watching a game.