Football is one of the most popular sports in the USA. Fans line up to watch their favorite teams go head to head against others. Since the season often takes place during the winter months, aficionados often brave the cold to cheer their team on. Still, it is not only the football players themselves which many adore. The team’s cheerleaders have a huge following and appeal. They make up an integral part of the team since they keep fans emotionally involved. A lot of these female athletes cheering the team on are beautiful, sexy and hot. A lot of folks believe the NFL’s cheerleaders are among the most gorgeous and sensuous in the world.

Carolina Panthers > Myers

The Carolina Panthers have a lot going for them, including their lovely cheerleaders Myers, Alaina and Darienne. Looking at their images shows why so many fans love the Tom Cats. Myers likes the singer Adele the others name Cam Newton as their favorite QB.

Baltimore Ravens > Blanca S., Brittany B., Morgan M.

Looking over at the cheerleading roster of this team can leave people drooling. They have several lovely and tempting beauties such as Blanca and  Tal S. There are also Morgan and Brittany which are delicious to look at.

Arizona Cardinals > Jacqueline, Karli, Megan

Even though we only named three of them, the entire roster of this team are luscious babes. Each one brings her personality and beauty to the floor. No wonder this cheerleading squad is regarded as one of the hottest in NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles > Heather, Lisa Ann, Carol

NFL followers got a chance to see how sexy and exciting the Eagles cheerleaders were last season. The team’s Super Bowl win brought many of the front and center. Cheering stars such as Heather, Lisa Ann, and Carol are another reason to watch football.