Cheerleaders in Porn: What’s The Appeal?

Girls between the ages of 18-19 seem to be at the peak of their sexual attractiveness, and you can imagine that they get the highest level of attention in these years and the years that follow. This has also created a trend, where older actresses, especially those in their twenties try to look younger.


Some cheerleaders are naughty girls, and isn’t it true that all cheerleaders are super-hot? Having cheerleaders take the plunge into the porn industry is one of the most significant changes we’ve seen in recent years from wearing revealing dresses to becoming famous and being the fantasy of men at the same time.

The truth is, cheerleader videos are one of the most watched genres of porn, and cheerleaders are sexy, so why won’t an industry dedicated to that be popular. For cheerleaders who are super-hot, the pressure to satisfy male and female fantasies is always there, and some of them have come into this industry to stay.

Let’s talks about a few cheerleaders who became porn stars.

Courtney Simpson 

A gymnast for over 10 years, this 19-year-old left the Arizona State University Sun Devils in 2005 and moved to California to make adult films fulltime. Joining the ASU cheerleaders as a virgin, Courtney quickly became known as the “Triple X” because she constantly talked about sex. According to her, she lost her virginity in October 2003.

So for Courtney, going into the porn industry was more of a passion thing, something she loved and wanted to do. Skills she learned while working as a cheerleader inevitably became very useful in her new career as a porn star. Another Cheerleader who became a porn star is Beverly Lynne.

Beverly Lynne


Beverly Lynne was with the Philadelphia Eagles Liberty Belles from 1998-2000. According to her, being a porn star isn’t about being a sex addict, for her, it’s a love for acting that moved to become a porn star.


Some so many other cheerleaders have become porn stars, with the likes of Brooke Morales, Lindsey Marshal, Kelly Jaye, and Brandy Blair. Porn for these ladies has always been professional, not because they were helpless sex addicts, but they loved to act, and if there was some nudity, why not?

Cheerleader porn is a genre that we see growing in the years to come, seeing the real growth this industry has experienced in the preceding years. Cheerleaders are sexy, naughty, and attractive, so why not feed us what’s under the sheet?